Montana Bow Sling Riser Hooks

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  • The Montana Bow Sling Riser Hook is designed to hook into the portion of your riser next to your limb pocket but not limited to other areas of the bow, whatever makes the most sense for your set up . I would advise against running it through either cam. The upper portion of the sling harness can be attached directly to the pack using the existing webbing buckles, webbing handle located at the top of your pack, or the molle webbing and d-rings that are on some packs. The sling can also be coupled together and used in the traditional way. Having the sling attached directly to your pack allows for all of the weight of the bow to be distributed evenly to the pack, making for a very efficient, comfortable way to carry your bow while out archery hunting.
  • Note that some of the older bows with smaller holes in the risers may not work well with the riser hooks, the quick release system may be a better fit.