Backcountry Pad

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The newest lineup in the Creative Outdoors product line, the Backcountry Pad. Sound sleep can make or break a backcountry hunt and being comfortable is essential. No need for remembering a pillow anymore, the Backcountry Pad has a built in pillow at the head to make sure you get a good nights rest and one less item to fit in your pack. This ultra thick pad will make sure you won't bottom out and even the tallest of men and women will fit at over 7 feet long. The integrated snaps mean more than one pad can be put together so no more slipping, sliding, and falling in the cracks. With a built in foot pump it is easy to inflate the pad without having to use your mouth which means no becoming light headed and no more difficulty inflating at high elevation.


- Integrated in pillow

- Built in foot pump

- 88 inches by 29 inches

- Weighs less than 2 pounds

- Packs down to the size of a Nalgene bottle

- 4 inch thickness

- Water proof inner coating

- Durable 40D material on top and 70D on bottom for added protection

- 5R rating