Montana Bow Slings

Montana Bow Slings  are an innovative, efficient, modular designed, lightweight, versatile, made in america and not like any other bow sling available. They can be attached directly to most backpacks, fit all types of compound bows as well have been used with recurve and long bows on occasion. The unique design of the Montana Bow Sling allows for the weight of the bow to be transferred to the pack through multiple connection points, this makes for a very comfortable experience while out chasing that trophy. 

The Montana Bow Slings design also allows for  it to be removed very easily from your pack and  clipped together and used in the traditional way. This option is very handy for those of you who may go on shorter hunts and don't have a need to carry a pack with you.  

The Montana Bow Sling can be adjusted in multiple ways to fit different body types, pack styles, bow sizes, models and lengths. 

Made from high quality, military grade 17337 nylon webbing and buckles. This ensures a quality, durable, lightweight, quiet operational product that will add less than 7 ounces to your gear load.

The Montana Bow Sling is available in two different versions, the original riser hook version or the new quick release system. The riser hooks can be limited to bows with bigger holes in the riser. Some of the older bows, such as Mathews, can be difficult to fit the riser hooks into. The quick release system can be used on all types and sizes of compound bows. With one pull of the webbing tale the cam lock buckle is tripped, releasing the bow in a quiet, efficient manner.